Transform your child's ability to succeed

Transform your child's ability to succeed


Struggling to find help for your child who has academic, social, organizational or sensory problems?

NeuroQ is an innovative option for creating transformative results in your child’s life.

Using a unique, therapeutic method—the Levine Neurodynamic Approach (LNDA)—we help your child experience permanent positive changes in as little as six months.

Connectivity is Key to Your Child's Success

NeuroQ uses LNDA to enhance the brain’s ability to function at its best. This unique, innovative approach creates rapid results by treating your child through a combination of individually designed sensory motor, cognitive and perceptual activities to create a strong network of neural connectivity.



Our in-house team of experts develop and implement ground-breaking strategies to improve your child’s performance at school. During our sessions together, we use techniques to enhance the brain’s working memory capacity, as well as...

...many other executive functions involved in learning. This helps the brain better organize, process and retain new and more complex information. Within a few short months, you'll be amazed to see tremendous strides in the various areas needed for academic excellence, including but not limited to reading, auditory and math comprehension skills.


Strengthening and improving your child’s executive function capacity for organization, planning, shifting, controlling attention and impulsivity helps them manage and organize everyday life tasks...

...After working with our specialists, you can expect to see positive developments in behavioral regulation, time management, general organization and practical problem solving.


People with sensory processing issues have trouble turning information they receive from their senses into appropriate responses. This can cause behavioral issues, emotional problems, difficulties with movement coordination and complications with fine motor skills...

... At NeuroQ, we help relieve you and your child from these serious challenges through proven treatment methods and expertise you can trust.


Helping your child succeed in life includes equipping them with the tools to interact more effectively with others, gain acceptance among their peers and increase their social awareness. Our trained specialists use uniquely designed sensory, social and...

... cognitive activities to unlock specific neurological connections. This results in your child transforming into a more happy, socially connected individual.

Our Method: LNDA
The Levine Neurodynamic Approach

See Transformative Results Within 6 to 9 Months


LNDA was developed by Chaiah Levine, *OTR/L, as a way to help struggling children experience far-reaching results at a more rapid pace. Her groundbreaking method speaks to current neuroscience research, which shows that many learning disabilities, ADHD, social learning issues and difficulties with organization skills can be caused by disturbances in functional connectivities between brain regions.

Licensed in Israel only


NeuroQ’s program is different from other occupational therapy methods which traditionally focus on targeting specific skills or certain areas of the brain. Instead, we use Mrs. Levine’s innovative proven approach to improve functional connectivity between multiple brain networks, thus achieving optimal brain function as a dynamic system.


We help your child strengthen their neural connections and train their brain to work more efficiently as one integrated system, so they can simultaneously experience improvements in many areas of their life.


A licensed therapist gives each child an in-depth evaluation, diagnosis and individualized treatment plan using Mrs. Levine's unique method. With over 35 years of experience, Mrs. Levine knows how to insightfully targets the client’s challenges by coactivating specific brain regions through specialized combinations of sensory, motor, cognitive and perceptual activities.

As a result, this innovative treatment program creates incredible, positive changes in daily life function and learning ability.

Experience our method. Your child can unlock their potential in as little as six to nine months.


My 9 yr old son did the LNDA program. He is now a happy and relaxed child.

He no longer gets all worked up when things don’t go exactly to plan. He can now ‘go with the flow’ in school and at home. He has really developed his personality - he is much more flexible and easygoing.

And the best part - he comes home from school with a huge smile after an enjoyable and successful day!

Chana Kaye, Brooklyn

Meet Chaiah Levine, OTR/L

Founder of the Levine Neurodynamic Approach

Chaiah Levine has devoted her life to creating positive change in the lives of people who have learning disabilities, mild communication disorders, ADD/ADHD and sensory modulation dysfunction.

Understanding the potential in using activity to influence the brain as a dynamic system, Chaiah Levine developed a groundbreaking methodology — LNDA — which has already been used across the world to help children and teens reach their true potential and lead quality lives. 

During the last 35 years, Chaiah Levine has been a driving force in establishing many programs for the treatment of learning disabled children and special education in Israel.

Six years ago, she founded Machon Aley Ohr, an Occupational Therapy Center using the LNDA Approach, which has centers throughout Israel. Four years ago, she founded The NeuroQ Therapy Center in Brooklyn, NY, bringing LNDA across the ocean!

Hyperactivity? Anxiety? Stubborn?

Disorganized? Trouble making friends?

Smart but underachiever in school?

NeuroQ can help your child succeed!


After a few weeks of therapy with an LNDA specialist, something lit up in my daughter’s brain! We started seeing improvement in many areas at once!

Fast-forward a few months, my daughter is now focused, organized, clearheaded and well behaved.

Most important she is now a happy successful child. Thank you NeuroQ!

Rachel Gerber, New Jersey


NeuroQ exists to make positive change in the lives of children and adolescents who struggle with academic, social or sensory problems. Our innovative approach and friendly experts help you experience the joy of watching your child excel and thrive into adulthood.